October 8, 2022

Should I Use "Smart Photos" in Tinder and How Does It Work?

"Smart Photos" feature of Tinder was constructed to test users' Tinder profile photos. What we want to know most, does it worth it to use Tinder Smart photos or it decreases match rates? What are the functional peculiarities of Tinder Smart Photos? Does it take long for results? All the above questions are answered in our article.

First of all, what Tinder Smart Photos can do?

In a nutshell, this feature shows your photos to other users in a special order to get more matches. Precisely to say, Tinder Smart Photos will analyze what photos draw more attention and then put them closer to the top of your profile.

Does it take long for results?

When a new feature was first deployed, users got notifications that now they have artificially selected Top Photo. It took in some cases weeks to get such message. Moreover, they got Top Photo banner on their profile. Alas now there is no notification or message. You can only notice a new order of photos when you try to edit your profile.

Is it advantageous to use Tinder Smart Photos?

Any feature has its pros and cons. When it comes to pros of Tinder Smart Photos, the main is that you don't even need to do something. The feature is built in Tinder App and can work on its own. However, there are much more cons of it, like the following:

  1. The information is gathered only when people make swipes. The algorithm learns on the data which occurs when someone make swipes. Thus, if you don't get swipes at all or rarely, the program makes debating decisions. Good thing is, Testframe doesn't need "swipes" to collect information, it gathers data every time when someone looks at your photo.
  2. How can you be sure that a user swiped right because of the photos' quality. Sometimes swipes are based on text under the photo or other photos. Testframe gives you a review for each photo.
  3. Even if you have a good photo, some people don't give you "likes" because of different causes, like strangely cropped, background, photoshop etc. Testframe provides you with information upon every strange defect.
  4. When Smart Photos is enabled, it shows inferior versions of people who could be great matches. That is a great opportunity to test your photos before making them public!
  5. While Tinder Smart Photos only sorts photos of your profile, Testframe shows how good they are in comparison to each other.

But the most influential advantage of Testframe is that its users record substantial increase in matches, up to several times. Sure, you can depend on Tinder Smart Photos, especially when it is automatically built in-app. However, its way better to use Testframe for choosing which photos to use in the first place!

How it works

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