September 14, 2022

Best Tinder Bio and Profile Tips

It's no secret that in the age of active development of the digital space, society spends most of its time on social networks. For many, it is the Internet that becomes the location of their soulmate. However, this search can be a failure if you do not know about ways to distinguish yourself among the crowd, to become unique and unusual.

We considered the world's largest dating platform, Tinder, and tried to form the most important recommendations for creating a successful profile. Not everyone knows how to properly build their profile on a social network, what information to post, how to present it, which photos are best suited for showing to the public, and much more. The most successful profiles, which receive the largest number of swipes, are unique, authentic, and really tell the story of a person with taste, while keeping a certain zest and intrigue. Let's talk in more detail about what is the easiest way to attract someone else's attention and what you should pay attention to:

"Two truths and a lie"

The essence of this game is to write two true stories and one false one in your profile, and for the rest to determine what is what. The game helps people to make friends and get closer. You don’t need to think about topics to talk, everything happens on its own. You can only be yourself and skilfully conduct a dialogue with the interlocutor. The main thing when writing lines about truth and lies is to try to make them funnier and more interesting. Let’s agree, few people will be pleased or identify the truth and lies among the dramatic and sad stories. Here are some interesting examples for you:

  • My cat is a movie actor, now even pets earn more than me. I'm allergic to water, period. As a child, for the sake of interest, I sat on a donkey and ran away with it far from home and got lost.
  • I know how to assemble a Rubik's cube. I love wearing shorts in winter. The most pleasant smell is the smell of gasoline.

It is worth paying attention that the facts about your life are not boring. Do not write, for example, "I like to watch TV." This judgment is the same for most people and doesn't really say anything about you.

"Pros and Cons"

Is another game that you can play to start a conversation. Use humor and be honest, it will help to hook potential new friends and make them stop on your profile. Examples are as follows:

  • Pros: I can light a fire with two sticks, have my own business, have never been on drugs.
  • Cons: not Ryan Gosling, I sing badly in the shower, I like to yawn.
  • Pros: I'm ready to share my Netflix account, I can easily eat 10 burgers without stopping, I love dogs.
  • Cons: I will take a fee for Netflix account, sarcasm is my soul mate, I will steal your pet and heart.

Emojis conversation

Have you ever tried to describe yourself and your interests only through emojis? Their wonderfulness lies in a meaningful interpretation, and if you pick up a good row of emojis, then you will not be able to dodge additional questions that will just open space for dialogue.

How to set up the best profile photo

After you have attracted a person's attention to your profile, they will first view your photos. It is correct to say that people judge a book by its cover. Choose several photos for your profile that show your casual, everyday life. Do not abuse selfies, few people like them. The best photos are full–length photos. Do not use low-quality or heavily processed photos. We all love naturalness as it is. And what will they think of you when, with a live acquaintance, you turn out to be completely different from what you seemed at the Tinder. Very cool if you are in good physical shape. Do not hesitate to show it, but do not overdo. Definitely do not get hung up on photos with a naked torso in the gym. It will be enough to take a photo in clothes that emphasize your appearance. If in doubt about choosing the best photos, use Testframe. Examples of good profile photos:

Profile photo example

About yourself

Tinder allows us to write a few lines about ourselves (500 characters). Personal information should be short. Also specify the wishes for the future interlocutor. Do not copy quotes and excerpts from works that do not belong to you. The questionnaire should catch the interlocutor. As a rule, there are only a couple of seconds before a like or dislike. Examples:

  • Friendly and romantic nature. A little sentimental, categorically I do not accept even small lies. I cook deliciously, I'm looking for a partner to create a strong and friendly family.
  • If you love life, are ready for family life and are looking for vivid impressions, write. Cheerful character, I know how to keep appliances in a restaurant. I will paint the gray everyday life in bright colors.

Stop putting clichéd shit here

If you write “work hard play hard” or “looking for my partner in crime” women are going to assume you’re similarly unoriginal in all aspects of your life, including in bed. It’s boring, and I don’t know anyone who is looking for a boring person to get drinks with. Use your bio to posit a question, share a weird fact (that isn’t sexual) about yourself, or give an idea of who you are and what you like to do. Something like “I watched Lion King every day of third grade” is cute. “I still need to see The Favourite, message me if you’re down to go.” presents an obvious entry point for conversation. The idea is to seem interesting to talk to, listing where you were born is not that.

No sexist stuff

This may come as a real shock, but if you put sexist stuff in your bio, we’re going to assume that you don’t like women. One of my friends, when I asked about what she sees on Tinder, said, “I think men forget that they’re trying to date women.” (Not that all men are, but you get it). If you mention you’re looking for someone to cook for you, or make some facile “joke” about how you’re looking for a trophy wife, or you say something cruel about certain women’s bodies, well, you’ve just alienated potential matches. Instead, try telling people what you’re like in a playful way. Focus on positives, rather than negatives. “I listen to Christmas music all year round,” or “I can teach you to drive stick shift” are great examples that also give your fellow swipers something to message you about.

Bio tips

Use your bio to communicate a rounded-out life with varied interests, rather than to flaunt your wealth or be self-deprecating. Both are excruciating and embarrassing to read. Most women aren’t looking for a guy to support them financially, and we certainly aren’t looking for someone to prop up emotionally. Put information in your bio about what you like to do—your job (just don’t use the words “grind” or “hustle” ever), your hobbies, whatever—just give an idea of who you are. Again, don’t use your bio to call out things you don’t like about women, “won’t date anyone with tattoos,” “if you don’t have a good ass swipe left, etc.” That’s douchey.

State Your Preferences

This is one of the most important tips. The best policy is to be upfront and honest about what you want to find in another person. If you have other preferences, don’t hesitate to state them, there’s someone for everyone! Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, mention it! The settings are the most important step. In the Tinder app, head into the Settings menu so you can choose your preferences. Within here you can choose your gender, your proximity to potential matches, and your preferred age range. Remember with the proximity you should have your GPS enabled. From there you can pick which gender you’re after – you can even choose both if you wish. You can also fiddle with your notification settings. Want a push notification when you’ve had a match? Here’s where you decide.

No place for blank space

Unless you look like Megan Fox or Chris Pratt, never leave your bio empty. Mystery is one thing, but most people, again, like to know who they’re dealing with and whether you’re interests/lifestyles are compatible. It doesn’t need to be too exhaustive, just a bit about yourself, your interests, and what you like to do at the weekends, for instance.

All things considered

Your Tinder bio should be simple and give a broad overview of what you’re all about. You don’t need to include your name or why you’re on Tinder nor should you write a super-long bio. As always, succinct, and sweet is always optimal. If at all possible, try and pepper it with some humor as well.

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